I mentor visionaries who desire to activate their personal magic and gifts to overcome blocks, heal, and master energetics in their lives through countless tools & techniques acquired through my 5+ years as a student of some of the greatest teachers + masters out there. My work is equal parts conceptual and experiential, to ensure the deepest integration of learning on your end.

I was raised in Mexican family with a spiritual lineage dating back to the ancient Toltec of Mexico, so it’s no coincidence that I was led down the path of healing & service.

 I began my journey studying subconscious modalities, shamanism, and trauma healing with world renowned trauma specialists including Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk,

and through my years of studies I became obsessed with learning tools to heal myself and to teach others how to heal themselves & the world around them.

In recent years I’ve studied with incredible teachers who helped me realize that my gift and purpose is to help others master energetic balance in all of the major areas of life. After all, everything is energy.

I've also been writing daily since I was seven years old, have published books, and utilize my creativity to teach and create life changing journeys for my clients.

My purpose is to support visionaries to deepen their divine by inspiring healing and growth through spiritual practices, psychotherapeutic techniques, writing, and exploration of the subconscious. I’m multidimensional in my work and use a variety of skills, techniques, and exercises to serve my clients.

I'm Bela

Hey, Divine Being, 


Bela is a Board-Certified Life & Success coach with Master certifications in NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT, and TIME techniques, and she's also a Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced IET Practitioner, and Certified Breathwork Practitioner & Meditation Instructor.
She trained in specialized trauma healing techniques with world-renowned PTSD psychotherapist, Bessel Van Der Kolk for 1 year, and their work primarily focused on healing trauma that is stored in the body. Bela is also a certified family constellation practitioner. She has also studied shamanism for various years.

She teaches all of these techniques in depth in Divine Alignment Activator.
Additionally, Bela comes from a spiritual lineage of Mexicans that originated from Toltec descent, and so she incorporates Toltec and Shamanic teachings and practices into her work. She has learned from both indigenous shamans in Mexico, as well as by being a part of a Toltec circle led by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Bela also studies & teaches tantra, Chi Kung, and shamanic energetics & she’s constantly pursuing new investments & learning experiences to keep her sharp.

It is very important to Bela, in teaching anything spiritual, to maintain the integrity and depth of the practice and the culture it emerged from.

Bela also founded a 7-figure company & supports hundreds of clients every year through her work.