Empowering visionaries with the tools to heal & create their lives on purpose.


Empowering visionaries with the tools to heal & create their lives on purpose.


Master Mentor for the last 5 years, in service to the Divine.

I'm Native Mexican Mystic, Specialized in Inner Child & Ancestral Healing, and Spiritual Gift Development. I'm also Published Author and Certified Coach to visionaries who desire to source inner wholeness, power and liberation.

You are the artist of your life, and the key to creating an impactful, pleasure-filled & purposeful life is your dedication to doing the work.

Welcome to the work that will teach you how to direct your own life.

My work integrates mind, body, and soul for a complete transformative experience that will lead to exponential results.

I'm Bela

Hello Beloved...

learn the tools to heal your trauma, develop spiritual gifts & to create long lasting confidence

Divine Alignment Activator Mentorship

Yes Please!

"Bela has transformed my life for the better with her radiance, bravery and grace. Since working with Bela I feel I have identified disempowering beliefs that have kept me hiding my true essence and spirit from the world. She has held space for my healing, liberation and evolution with tenderness and heart-led guidance. Her support has been invaluable in the last few months. The  potent container she created for all of us in her program helped me unearth and release great depths of trauma that have been living in my mind, body and spirit for years. Bela emboldened us with tools to excavate and alchemize what was no longer serving us and reclaim our own sacred divinity and our unique gifts. I feel lighter, more confident, driven, passionate and ready for the next chapter of my life. I have more clarity now of my purpose in life that was once fogged by a cloud of fear. Now, I wake up most days with a clear sense of direction.

Rachel H.

"My experience firstly started with a calling, one I’m glad I honored.

Working with Bela opened up more opportunities beyond what I was seeking and added more value to my skills. My experience has been absolutely delightful.

Bela far exceeded expectations I had in the beginning. Bela's commitment to each person regardless of their knowledge and understanding was one of true collective compassion and brilliance.

Being a mother of two teens, I initially questioned having a younger mentor, the truth is though, that age is no limit for further awareness, growth and connection.  The investment far outweighs any personal considerations.  I'm honoured, deeply grateful and looking forward to my year mentorship in MDMY with Bela! 

Yaelle from Australia

"Investing in DAA has been one of the best decisions of my life. During the three months I learned to deal with my shadows & I let go of traumas I've been dealing with for the past 5 years in only 2 weeks, learnt about self-love, creativity, rituals, manifestation and so much more! Bela is an incredible mentor who guides us to countless aha moments. Between her support, the group which is so supportive and loving and the 80+ tools you will learn,

Divine Alignment Activator is undoubtably an excellent investment and life choice."

Ambre F. from France

"Working with Bela helped me to step into my fullest potential. I discovered my genius area, I tripled my income as a coach, I boosted my confidence, self love and business. I totally recommend joining DAA, it's an amazing program and Bela is the sweetest, supportive, smartest and most amazing high-level coach I have ever worked with. I never thought I could change my life so fast but she show me that I am capable of anything."

Naomi from Costa Rica

I am so grateful I had the courage to invest in myself and work with Bela. Thanks to DAA I was able to manifest my dream connections and I am now surrounded by open minded and joyful people. I re-discovered the power of intuition and I also managed to let go of old and toxic patterns. I now feel free, aligned and spiritually connected. 

If you’re considering working with Bela, just know that you’re here reading this for a reason. Don’t be scared and go for it. She is really the best mentor you could ever imagine and she is so supportive with every client and every situation.

Aline From Switzerland